úterý 5. března 2013

Phone call

"Morris? Where are you calling from?"

"It's a bit complicated," he said. "I mean, I'm not actually on the phone. Just really wanted to help you along."

"Grahame Coats," she said. "He was a crook."

"Yes, love," said Morris. "But it's time to let all that go. Put it behind you."

"He hit me on the back of the head," she told him. "And he's been steeling our money."

"It's only material things, love," said Morris, reassuringly. "Now you're beyond vale. ..."

"Morris," said Maeve. "That pestilent little worm attempted to murder your wife. I do think you should try to show a little more concern."

"Don't be like that, love. I'm just trying to explain. ..."

"I have to tell you, Morris, that if you're going to take that kind of attitude, I'll simply deal with this myself. I'm certainly not going to forget about it. It's all right for you, you're dead. You don't have to worry about these things."

"You're dead, too, love."

Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys

A když už jsme u toho, nedávno vyšel pěkný rozhovor s Neil Gaimanem, o psaní, o twitteru, goth legendách, jeho ženě Amandě Palmer a vůbec. Nenechte si ho ujít.

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