úterý 5. března 2013

All you need to wear a hat is attitude

He put the hat onto Fat Charlie's head. "It suits you," he said.

Fat Charlie sighed. "Dad. I don't wear hats. It'll look stupid. I'll look a complete tit. Why do you always try to embarrass me?"

In the fading light the old man looked at his son. "You think I'd lie to you? Son, all  you need to wear a hat is attitude. And you got that. You think I'd tell you you looked good if you didn't? You look real sharp. You don't believe me?"

Fat Charlie said, "Not really."

"Look," said his father. He pointed over the side of the bridge. The water beneath them was still and smooth as a mirror, and the man looking up at him from the water looked real sharp in his new green hat.

Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys

Když už jsme u vztahu rodičů a dětí, pokud máte trochu času pusťte si rozhovor (MP3) Neila Gaimana a jeho dcery Maddy.

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