úterý 19. března 2013

Funny spec

Software documentation should be funny.
Every time you need to tell a story about how a feature works, instead of saying:
The user types Ctrl+N to create a new Employee table and starts entering the names of the employees.
write something like:
Miss Piggy, poking at the keyboard with an eyeliner stick because her chubby little fingers are too fat to press individual keys, types Ctrl+N to create a new Boyfriend table and types in the single record "Kermit".
If you read a lot of Dave Barry, you'll discover that one of the easiest ways to be funny is to be specific when it's not called for. "Scrappy pugs" are funnier than "dogs." "Miss Piggy" is funnier than "the user." Instead of saying "special interests," say "left-handed avocado farmers." Instead of saying "People who refuse to clean up after their dogs should be punished," say that they should be "sent to prison so lonely that the inmates have to pay spiders for sex."
Joel Spolsky: Joel on Software

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